Sunday, May 10, 2009


Do you ever notice something really odd that seems even odd when you realize that growing up, you thought nothing of it?

I'll give you an example. On the way back from the Quad Cities this afternoon (Bandits win 5-3), I stopped by my grandparents' house in Gerlaw to drop off a Mother's Day gift. Upon arriving, grandma offered me a grilled cheese sandwich on the condition that I retrieve bread from the basement deep freeze, so I headed downstairs.

Now, this isn't a finished basement. It's more of a cellar - cement floors, brick walls, the works. However, tucked away into one corner is a shower.

It makes sense why it's there. Grandma and grandpa didn't have a shower until eight or ten years ago, and grandpa didn't cotton to baths. I get the reason, but still, it had been awhile since I'd been down there and it struck me as odd now after years of thinking it was as normal as anything.

I'm thinking of Twittering. Not because I want to jump on the bandwagon (I honestly don't know how many of my friends do it - my guess is between 3 and 150), but a lot of times I have an idea for something to say, but a blog post can seem really daunting. Any former English teacher would cringe at hearing that, but it's true. My attention span is scant at best. Also, I like talking about sports, and Facebook statuses don't seem like the place for that. At the same time, jobs with 100-hour work weeks don't allow one a lot of time to explore new means of social networking.

I really want to see Star Trek.

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